In recent years DevScope has made a strong commitment to Research, Development & Innovation (I&DI) in order to design new products and services, leveraging its expertise in current segments of action.

In addition to the IDI developed by each business unit for the existing business, DevScope has a team whose mission is to design and develop new products and technically support new business development. DevScope is also following disruptive innovations that can project current abilities into new opportunities.

Currently DevScope has four ongoing projects of RD&I nature, co-funded by QREN in the Operational Program for Competitiveness Factors, the total investment amount is 1.140.470,92 euros, of which 641.441,58 euros are from the European Fund for Regional Development. 


At Devscope the focus on innovation, particularly in research and development, goes  through the continuous investment in our know-how, and in the establishment of partnerships with research groups and companies that have complementary and critical expertise  to the implementation of projects of strategic nature.