Project name: "Núcleo de Investigação & Desenvolvimento e Inovação na DevScope”
Funding Program: QREN-Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
Global Investiment: 342.724,99 euros Approved Incentive: 167.597,22 euros

Execution date: 01-06-2009 – 31-05-2012

Being Quality and Innovation the guiding principles of DevScope’s strategy, starting a R&D branch fits perfectly the strategy and goals set by the company. These principles can easily be justified by the activities already in progress in this field.

The consolidation of the R&D branch allows DevScope to offer technologically advanced solutions to it’s clients with improvements on efficiency, competitive edge and excellence on it’s products and services, since by building a team fully committed to R&D activities, the company is creating a structure capable of keeping up with the information’s technology market tendencies and predicting it’s evolution. DevScope R&D +i will internally promote the essential factors in the actual knowledge-based economy as well as intangible ones such as innovation and knowledge.