Project name: "E-Empresa 5429”
Funding Program: QREN-Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
Leader Promoter: DevScope, S. A. Co-Promoters: INOVA+, Instituto Politécnico do Porto and MENTORTEC
Global Investiment: 708.654,54 euros Approved Incentive: 694.904,55 euros
Execution date: 01-06-2009 – 31-05-2012

DevScope's assigned amount

Eligible Investiment: 251.823,78 euros  Approved Incentive: 181.859,07 euros

eInveste is an innovative platform that eases the matching between entrepreneurs ideas, start-ups and PME’s looking for financing and investors looking for projects to invest on.

The platform was named eInveste because the domain and brand names “e-Empresa” were already taken. The new designation came from the core objective of the project “to ease the access to financing”, like it is explained next. The results obtained with this project are the outcome of the dedication the beneficiary entities put into the development of the projects activities, as well as the skills and knowledge of the team involved in obtaining these results.

This platform kept the original Web Dynamics format, supported by the backbone of the marketplace (supply – demand), oriented essentially towards solutions of competitiveness support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and PME’s, highlighting the private and public funding, focusing on the kick-off stages of the company’s activities or  the release of new innovative products. The users will then have access to virtual personalized consulting on the public and private funding, free of charge in this stage, as well as a portfolio of SaaS solutions previously structured and available to an optional formal contract, in case one of these solutions fits its goals.