More than ever, today’s organizations are challenged to empower employees with actionable data to drive business performance and increase worker productivity.  With the countless sources of data available to aid in making well-informed daily decisions, there is an even greater need for effective business intelligence (BI) solutions.  However, the reality is that many BI solutions employed by these organizations are only half-heartedly adopted. The primary reason? The majority of BI solutions on the market today force users to align their business processes with the way the technology records and organizes data; instead of a more intuitive process where the technology adapts to the organization’s current or emerging business structure.

At DevScope, we are working to transform the way organizations store, manage and use business intelligence. To accomplish our goal and to help businesses increase efficiencies, we’re developing and implementing “People Ready” solutions. It’s more than just a slogan; it’s creating the right tools, in the right context, for the right users. Our solutions ensure that your business intelligence projects yield accurate and dependable results. 

Our approach is practical, efficient and results-oriented:
  • Analyse requirements with continuous focus on business needs
  • Select Business Intelligence technology best suited to business needs and technical requirements
  • Manage projects efficiently, and anticipate rather than react
  • Determine business process improvements yielding the highest impact
  • Design and deploy customised, automated applications that fully leverage data
  • Engage in thorough testing (including data validation and user acceptance)
  • Train solution end users to begin deriving value immediately
  • Train in-house administrators to maintain and update the application