What’s new in PowerBI Robots 2.4.8

Joel Monteiro
February 27, 2020

The latest version of PowerBI Robots addresses a couple of critical bugs while introducing some features. There is new stuff to find in both the desktop and web agent, so we’ll go over each:

What’s new in the desktop agent:

  • Fixed the Power BI tokens expiration date issue – the Power BI API authentication tokens have a small expiration date, and that could result in a processing issue that prevented reports from being processed and sent. If you ever send large playlists, you probably recognize it: only the first reports in your playlist were correctly processed. This happened because the authentication token expired in the meantime. The issue is fixed with this version, so your playlists are now processed correctly.
  • ToolTips are now available in the provider tab – If you need assistance configuring your email, hover on information icons to see what you need to do.
  • You can now send emails from an anonymous address – If you wish to simply test PowerBI Robots with an SMTP server that doesn’t require authentication, you can now tick an “Anonymous Authentication” box in the PowerBI Robots desktop agent to send your playlist;

Pick Anonymous Authentication to test PowerBI Robots without setting up an SMTP server

What’s new in the web agent:

  • You can now add tokens to your JSON files – Up until this version, you could only use text inputs when editing the JSON in the Visuals tab. You can now replace filters with the corresponding token without the need to use single quotation marks.
  • Fixed a recurrence issue – fixed a bug that affected monthly scheduled playlists.
  • Public documentation is now in the menu – the PowerBI Robots Public API is now accessible from the menu in the web agent. Enabling and disabling playlists are the only functions currently available.

The PowerBI Robots API is now accessible from the web agent's main menu

If you haven’t updated to PowerBI Robots 2.4.8 yet, we advise you to do it as soon as possible, so these previously existing issues don’t ruin your experience. You can do it by clicking here to download the latest version of the desktop agent or find it in the banner in the web agent.

If you’re still experiencing any issues after upgrading to PowerBI Robots 2.4.8, please contact our team at [email protected].

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