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Microsoft Discover: Teamwork

Ricardo Calejo Portals Team Manager
  • Date 23 Nov, 2020
  • Hour 10h00 - 12h45
  • Location Virtual
  • Event Microsoft Discover: Teamwork
Meet the team
Ricardo Calejo Portals Team Manager
José António Silva R&D Director
About the event

Microsoft Discover: Teamwork

Did you know that companies investing in teamwork are five times more likely to be high performing? That’s because teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of the modern workplace. They define the culture of our organizations and can be transformed by new and innovative technology. But having the right tools isn’t enough – we also need to know how to use them.


The Microsoft Discover: Teamwork workshop provides hands-on experience with Microsoft teamwork solutions, including Microsoft 365 and one of our most transformative tools: Microsoft Teams. Since its launch, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history with more than 330,000 companies worldwide using it.


This two-hour workshop will change the way your team collaborates as participants discover how to drive productivity in a secure, compliant way. The workshop is led by a facilitator with an agenda that will help you discover the right solutions for your business in an interactive, experiential, and fun setting.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to M365 and Microsoft Teams
  • New Culture of Work: Identifying important trends in the Modern Workplace.
  • Security: Protecting your data without compromising information flows.
  • Productivity: Managing entrepreneurial challenges with customizable, integrated apps.
  • Collaboration: Uniting teams and developing creativity across a single interface. Internal and external knowledge sharing. How to organize and hold effective meetings and events – both physically and virtually, as well as with and without external guests


Discover what tomorrow looks like. Unleash the talent of your team today.

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