DevScope will be at cTIC2010

October 26, 2010

cTIC2010 is a conference on Technology and Communication that is held annually by the Informatics department (DI) of the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Viseu (ESTGV). This year is its 10th edition and it is focused on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).
The event will take place at the Aula Magna of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (IPV), this Wednesday, the 27th of October, and will be home to some great speakers and some of the most recent advances in the field of HCI, with some practical examples and applications as well as its impact in our everyday lives.
DevScope will also be participating in the event with a Speaker, Marco Silva, which will be speak about Microsoft Surface in a talk entitled “Microsoft Surface – Behind the Scenes”. In his talk Marco will try to show the key features in Microsoft’s revolutionary  NUI technology, and how developers, Software Architects, UX Designers, and even users can take advantage of this technology.
You can check out the conference program at their site –

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