Introducing Clippy for Power BI

Joel Monteiro
April 1, 2018

The add-in that brings back everyone’s favorite virtual assistant!

First introduced in Office 1997, Clippy was the much-beloved Microsoft® Office virtual assistant that helped beginner and advanced users complete tasks in Word or Excel. Decades before voice assistants dominated phones and living rooms, Clippy was the undisputed world’s most popular virtual aide and a true pop culture phenomenon.

To the dismay of many, Clippy left us too soon. It may no longer help Office users, but the love for Clippy is still widely expressed to this day, from fan art to 3D-printed models or even your everyday socks.

People miss Clippy. Dearly.

At DevScope, we share the same love for the old Office Assistant but can Clippy even find a place in the high-tech world of Cortana and Alexa?

We dare to say yes, and we’ve found just the right home for Clippy: Microsoft® Power BI™.

We’re not alone:

Power BI™ is an amazing tool but can be a little intimidating to new users. After much debate, we decided that Clippy was perfect to teach new and advanced users the ins and outs of Power BI and started working on an add-in that will bring it back to help everyone.

Check out some of Clippy’s helpful tips we’re working on:

Clippy for Power BI
Clippy can help you add data to Power BI
Clippy can help make you hide bad results

Clippy for Power BI™ Desktop will be available for download for free on AppSource on April 31st.

UPDATE: Clippy for Power BI was our April Fools joke, but the feedback has been so positive that we might just do it if demand is high enough. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, and let us know how badly you want Clippy back.

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