Best practices in Power BI report design – get the ebook now!

Joel Monteiro
June 21, 2018

Almost since Power BI’s inception, the execution and management of Business Intelligence solutions on Microsoft’s platform have topped our consultancy services. Under the leadership of Microsoft MVP Rui Romano, our Business Intelligence team has developed numerous Power BI strategies and implemented infrastructures for clients of all sizes.

“It’s easy to make things complicated” is an old adage that also applies to Power BI, and throughout the years, the team has developed a knack for designing easy to read yet insightful reports. Professional designers are increasingly becoming aware of this and more and more are specializing in designing rich and stylish reports.”

Power BI report by Miguel Myers

Power BI can be daunting to everyone taking their first steps in it, and designing a good report is a challenging task that requires a lot of practice to bear some fruits. With this in mind, we wrote a little whitepaper based on our Business Intelligence team’s experience designing reports in Power BI.

From planning to branding and information distribution, this whitepaper covers all the basics of Power BI report design and is aimed at both new and advanced users.

To download the free ebook, click here.

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