Workaround for PowerBI Robots and Power BI’s printing issue

Joel Monteiro
April 3, 2019

For the past two weeks, Power BI has been undergoing some adjustments that have created an issue affecting its export to PDF and print functions, as well as our solution PowerBI Robots.

The result is a cut off in a report’s upper left corner when printing or sending it via PowerBI Robots, as displayed below:

Power BI report
Power BI report cropped

Several users have contacted us regarding the issue and written numerous posts on the official Power BI forums, as well as others since this also affects Power BI’s native print and export to PDF functions.

We’ve been in contact with Microsoft since we first encountered this issue and have confirmed that it will be fixed in all regions by Friday, April 5th.

Until it’s fixed, we have a workaround that you can find below:

  • Open Power BI and select the reports that appear cut-off in the “Print PDF” option and/or in PowerBI Robots.
  • Click “Edit Report” and select the “Shapes” in the top toolbar.
  • Insert a rectangle around the whole visual.

Power BI Online

  • In the “Format Shape” right-hand panel, set “Line” and “Fill” to 100% transparency (the rectangle will be invisible, therefore not affecting or changing the existing visual).

Power BI Online 2

  • To test this solution, use the “Print” option and validate if the visual appears correctly in the page preview.

Power BI Online 3
Power BI Online 4

DevScope’s team truly apologizes for any inconvenience this may have been causing to the daily functioning of your company.

If you still have any issues with PowerBI Robots, please send us an email at

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