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DevScope wins the 1st edition of Kaggle Days Porto

Joel Monteiro
October 8, 2019

The Data Science Portugal community wrapped up the amazing 1st edition of Kaggle Days Porto on October 1st and we’re delighted to announce that the DevScope team was awarded the 1st prize in the Workforce Management (WFM) forecasting challenge presented by Talkdesk. The event was all-around very well organized, and the last day turned out to be a superb idea exchange forum, giving teams the chance to present the various solutions they came up with, as well as debate lessons learned and share their findings.

Featuring our experienced AI & Analytics Strategy Advisor Rui Quintino, as well as Dewan Fayzur, Luís Maia, and Luís Costa, the DevScope team tackled Talkdesk’s challenge for 3 weeks, aiming to forecast the optimal number of agents for their operation in a few weeks period. Our team was able to rise above the competition and took home the coveted 1st prize and a TPU Development Kit each.

This honor comes on the heels of the Data & AI Partner of the year 2019 award we received from Microsoft Portugal, as well as last year’s Dewan Fayzur’s Animal Behavior Challenge 2018 win. We’re committed to investing in advancing AI and Data Science, applying our findings to our products and services, and, hopefully, winning some more awards along the way.

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