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Joel Monteiro
May 17, 2021

We are delighted to announce PowerBI Data Portal, the latest product in our PowerBI Tiles suite of tools aimed at Power BI professionals.

PowerBI Data Portal is a web tool that lets users share Power BI dataflows from their workspaces with colleagues without access to them, but also clients, partners, or suppliers. PowerBI Data Portal generates an Open Data Protocol (OData) string that users can connect to Power BI Desktop and access all data sources that are part of a Power BI dataflow without the need to set up an ETL pipeline on their side.

Screenshot Data Portal

PowerBI Data Portal is a game-changer for data professionals on several levels. For starters, direct access to a Power BI dataflow means a dramatic increase in the speed with which new projects that heavily rely on data can be implemented. For example, a data scientist or data engineer working on a different department or organization can access your data stored on a data lake, a SQL Server, and multiple Excel files in a safe and controlled way, and without the need to set up an ETL pipeline beforehand. All they need is to add the OData string generated through PowerBI Data Portal to Power BI Desktop to have access to all that data. Not only does this save dozens of hours on a project, it also opens the doors to a multitude of collaboration opportunities.

In anticipation of PowerBI Data Portal’s release, we are offering a 30% discount coupon to all users who visit the product’s landing page and pre-register for it. Click here to learn more about PowerBI Data Portal and grab this opportunity.

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