Microsoft MVPMVP Award

Congratulations to Sandro Pereira and Miguel Félix for renewing their MVP status!

Joel Monteiro
July 6, 2022

Yesterday, the MVP awards for 2022 were announced, and two of our colleagues at DevScope were once again conferred Microsoft’s prestigious status. MVPs at DevScope are a long-standing tradition, and we strongly encourage all our employees to pursue the status given our partnership with Microsoft.

This year’s first MVP went to the usual suspect Sandro Pereira, our Head of Integration. This is Sandro’s 12th Azure MVP in a row, making him one of the most distinguished Business Integration experts in the world. Besides sharing his expertise as a guest speaker at dozens of events throughout the year, Sandro frequently posts tips on Azure and BizTalk, as well as real-world challenges he came across while doing his job, on his blog. Sandro released his second book “Migrating to BizTalk Server 2020” last year.

Sandro Pereira delivering his session at Integrate London 2017

The second MVP went to Miguel Félix, a BI specialist who joined DevScope last year. This is Miguel’s 4th MVP and a recognition of his devotion to Power BI. Miguel also shares his knowledge with the world through the many events he’s invited to speak at and his blog on Power BI. You can catch one of his sessions at the Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 and the Power Platform Conference 2022, both of which are taking place in September.

Miguel Félix Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022

The Microsoft MVP Awards honor professionals based on the contributions they make to communities around key Microsoft technologies. These contributions come in many forms, namely content creation for YouTube and blogs, lending a hand on help forums, participating as speakers at meetings and conferences, and collaborating with Microsoft product teams, either by providing feedback or by sharing ideas to improve the use of products and platforms around the world. It’s not by mere chance that Sandro’s blog appears many times on top of Google searches ahead of BizTalk’s page since it addresses problems and provides tips that do not yet exist on the official website.

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