Entersekt sends automatic reports all over the globe with PowerBI Robots

January 17, 2022
Joel Monteiro
  • Client Entersekt
  • Role Products
  • Year 2022

The client:

Entersekt is a fintech company based in Cape Town, South Africa, that provides authentication and mobile app security software. Established in 2010, Entersekt pioneered the phone-as-a-token authentication method that, a decade later, would become the de facto market standard. Entersekt’s growing product catalog includes registration, authentication, and payment solutions used across the globe by financial, healthcare, and insurance companies, among others.

The problem:

Entersekt clients receive weekly and monthly Power BI reports, which are vital to extracting insights on the usage of apps that rely on the company’s solutions during registration, authentication, or payment processes. Preparing and sending these reports represented at least two days of intense manual labor each month, a tremendous burden Entersekt had to get rid of. To save dozens of hours of skilled labor allocated to a cumbersome task, the company had to automate this process.

“Over time, we were performing cumbersome, brain-numbing tasks. You want a machine to do these tasks. That’s what PowerBI Robots offers.”

– Rayno Matthee, BI Backend and Data Warehousing at Entersekt

The solution:

Entersekt googled a solution for their problem when they discovered one of DevSope’s products: PowerBI Robots. After a trial period with Robots and some of its competitors, Entersekt decided to stick with DevScope’s solution due to its ease to install, configure and use.


Entersekt presently sends their clients around 70 monthly reports and 40 weekly Power BI reports. The company has a single person handling PowerBI Robots in the back office and runs playlists with over 20 or even 30 Power BI reports. Due to their volume, these playlists often run throughout the night, so clients have access to them the next day.

PDF files are Entersekt’s preferred output method, but the organization is looking into PowerBI Portal to give clients an interactive solution with 24/7 access to their Power BI reports.

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