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Azure Lowlands

Sandro Pereira Senior Software Engineer - SOA & Business Process Solutions
  • Date 29 Jan, 2021
  • Hour 10h15 - 11h15 GMT+1
  • Location Virtual
  • Event Azure Lowlands
Meet the speaker
Sandro Pereira Senior Software Engineer - SOA & Business Process Solutions

Sandro Pereiro is a Microsoft Azure MVP and a Senior Software Engineer at DevScope.

About the event

Azure Lowlands

Azure Lowlands is a single-day event with three tracks around Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, ranging from for containers, data, integration all the way to DevOps, IoT, and AI.

As an attendee, you will be able to listen to several great sessions around Microsoft PaaS from our hand-picked selection of top-speakers. These sessions will provide you with the latest developments, insights, and roadmaps of Microsoft’s PaaS services portfolio and are focused on developers, IT-pros, and architects.

Not all sessions will be made available online afterward, as this will be up to the speakers’ discretion. As such, we advise you to be there in person, to ensure you get all the information!

How to create robust monitor solutions with PowerShell, Azure Functions, and Logic Apps


Monitoring your systems or platforms is a crucial aspect of any organization. Based on my experience, all your clients will tell you that all the platforms or applications are being monitoring by external partners or internally. Nevertheless, when disasters occur or are in the process of happening, guess what? Your team will be the last to know. This session will address and present how you can easily and quickly create a robust monitoring solution on your platforms using PowerShell, Functions app, and Logic Apps.

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