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Data Science & Engineering Talks

Rui Quintino AI & Analytics Strategy Advisor
  • Date 19 Feb, 2021
  • Hour 09h30 - 10h30
  • Location Virtual
  • Event Data Science & Engineering Talks
Meet the speaker
Rui Quintino AI & Analytics Strategy Advisor

Rui Quintino is a AI & Analytics Strategy Advisor at DevScope.

About the event

Data Science & Engineering Talks

The Data Science and Engineering (DSE) talks, organized in the scope of the M.Sc. on Data Science & Engineering at FEUP, provide a privileged forum for the presentation and discussion of recent achievements and challenges regarding research and real-world application of DSE. The series will consist of talks given by leading researchers and practitioners from academia, research labs, and industry, and will cover the wide spectrum of topics in the area, from big data infrastructures and machine learning algorithms to MLOps and case studies. The anticipated target audience for the DSEtalks includes students, researchers, and practitioners from academia, research labs, and industry.

DSE is a combination of science, engineering and art skills to extract useful knowledge from data. It involves different areas of knowledge, from statistics to databases and computer science, from artificial intelligence to machine learning and deep learning. It is used to solve important problems of our economy and society, from predicting the sales of products and recommending the best product for a customer, to supporting the diagnosis of patients and analysing the spread of a virus.

Click here to download Rui Quintino’s “Houston we have a model…  – Introduction to MLOps” session.