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What’s new in PowerBI Portal 2.1?

PowerBI Portal 2.1 is now online, and this version is all about accessibility. Click the link to see what's new.

December 14, 2021

PowerBI Portal 2.0 is here and is full of new features

PowerBI Portal 2.0 is the biggest revision yet to our massive Power BI report-sharing tool. Click the article to see what's n[...]

October 12, 2021

Export your Power BI reports in PowerBI Portal 1.4

The latest version of PowerBI Portal is now available, and it comes a neat new feature: the ability to export Power BI report[...]

April 1, 2021

What’s new in PowerBI Portal 1.3?

PowerBI Portal 1.3 is here to make the lives of back-office users easier. Click the article to learn about what's new in Powe[...]

February 10, 2021

PowerBI Portal 1.2: here’s what’s new

PowerBI Portal 1.2 is here, and this update is a special one given the number of new features our team introduced to both the[...]

December 10, 2020

PowerBI Portal 1.1 is here and is packed with new features

The first major revision of PowerBI Portal is now live, and there are plenty of features to get users excited. Click the arti[...]

October 8, 2020

PowerBI Portal 101: everything you need to start

PowerBI Portal 101 is a thorough guide covering all aspects of DevScope’s Power BI report and dashboard sharing web tool. C[...]

July 1, 2020
Showing all 7 results