Better than roses or chocolate: 20% off PowerBI Robots and Tiles Pro!

Joel Monteiro
February 12, 2020

You all know how madly in love we are with Power BI, but with Valentine’s Day approaching, we can’t help but feel a strong impulse to share that passion with all data lovers using our products!

Until February 16th, you can get PowerBI Tiles Pro for 20% less and play cupid with the cutest couple in Office 365: Power BI and PowerPoint! But if sharing your Power BI reports and dashboards with the ones you love to work with is what you have your eye on, you can also get PowerBI Robots!

Whether you’re purchasing a license for the first time or looking to renew it, don’t miss this chance to get PowerBI Tiles Pro or PowerBI Robots at a great discount by entering the following code at checkout:


If you still haven’t tried PowerBI Robots Tiles Pro or PowerBI Robots, you can click the links below to visit each product’s landing page and download a trial version with all functionalities available:

PowerBI Tiles Pro – an Office 365 add-in that lets you embed real-time or static high-definition images of Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Outlook emails. Say goodbye to screenshots and using copy/paste every time you have a presentation coming up. Just open PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook and directly add your reports and dashboards to it. Whenever you need to update, simply hit refresh and everything will be up to the latest data.

PowerBI Robots – a web tool that allows your organization to implement a fully automated Power BI report sharing service at your organization. Schedule and automatically send Power BI reports and dashboards by email to as many users as you want, to a SharePoint directory, a file system, or to a smart TV.

If you have any questions regarding PowerBI Tiles Pro, PowerBI Robots, or any other products by DevScope, please contact our team at [email protected].

Happy Valentine’s day!

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