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How to embed Power BI in Word documents

Learn how to embed Power BI reports, dashboards, or single visuals in a Word document with the help of PowerBI Tiles Pro.

Joel Monteiro
August 3, 2020

Vote now for the Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2020

Voting is now open for the third edition of the Portuguese Women in Tech Awards and we are delighted to see two of our collea[...]

Joel Monteiro
July 21, 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Microsoft MVPs!

Microsoft just announced this year’s MVP awards, and we are proud to have two of them among DevScope’s ranks! Click the a[...]

Joel Monteiro
July 2, 2020

PowerBI Portal 101: everything you need to start

PowerBI Portal 101 is a thorough guide covering all aspects of DevScope’s Power BI report and dashboard sharing web tool. C[...]

Joel Monteiro
July 1, 2020

PowerBI Tiles Pro - upgrade now to avoid critical issues

The latest changes to Power BI have caused critical issues for PowerBI Tiles Pro users. Learn about them and upgrade today.

Joel Monteiro
June 26, 2020

Setting up a report automation system in 4 steps with PowerBI Robots

Many organizations are adopting report automation systems to save time, money, and free their employees from the recurring ta[...]

Joel Monteiro
June 19, 2020

Introducing PowerBI Portal – pre-register today!

We’re proud to introduce PowerBI Portal, our first product for 2020 and one that will hopefully be a game-changer for organ[...]

Joel Monteiro
May 26, 2020

PowerBI Scorecards 101: everything you need to start

PowerBI Scorecards 101 will teach you how to use DevScope’s scorecards and KPI platform that leverages Power BI for data vi[...]

Joel Monteiro
May 12, 2020

PowerBI Scorecards is almost here - pre-register now!

Pre-registration is now open for the new version of PowerBI Scorecards, our centralized scorecards, and KPIs web platform tha[...]

Joel Monteiro
April 24, 2020

Introducing the Outbreak Preparedness (PT) Starter Kit for Teams

BindTuning asked us to create a localized version of the Outbreak Preparedness Starter Kit for Portugal, which is now availab[...]

Joel Monteiro
April 15, 2020

PowerBI Robots 2.4.11: what’s new?

It may be April fools, but the latest version of PowerBI Robots is very real. Click the article to see what's new and upgrade[...]

Joel Monteiro
April 1, 2020

Helping organizations report remotely

As the world faces the Covid-19 outbreak, we must do everything in our power to reduce the risk of contagion, and for organi[...]

Joel Monteiro
March 18, 2020
Showing 49–60 of 278 results